Monday, July 30, 2012


“By those who come near Me I must be regarded as holy; And before all the people I must be glorified.” – Leviticus 10:3

Today is Monday.  Today there is one thing that must be accomplished: Glorify God.  Sure, there’s 8 hours or more of work ahead.  There’s doing laundry and cooking dinner.  There’s having polite conversations with people who may not be polite back.  There’s resisting the urge to say what’s really on our mind because we know it would be hurtful.  Yes, today is a work day from all corners.  But God needs to be glorified in it.

Glorifying God means to make Him the V.I.P.  It means to point all good towards Him, and acknowledge what He has done.  This is just one way we come to know Him.  We look around us at the things created.  Look at the tall trees that bend in the wind and don’t break.  Just as an artist is revealed in his painting, God is revealed in His creation.  Look at the daisy that takes the same wind and doesn’t lose a petal. 

So if God’s creation is to declare His glory (Psalms 19:1), then aren’t we part of that creation?  Is it not our daily – even minute by minute – goal to glorify God? 

Every morning before beginning work I look at the stuff I have to do.  I look at which client has the most urgent need, take care of that first, then the others, and work by deadlines and other criteria.  But when I’m done reviewing it, I have a list of goals.  I work on each goal for the day until they’re done, or until I’m completely exhausted.

What if we took the task of glorifying God on with the same routine?  Who needs to hear about His greatness most?  Who needs to know what He is capable of?  What has He done lately that needs some publicity to grow someone else’s faith?  If we were to work for God with the gusto that we work for a living, imagine what we could accomplish…even on Monday.

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