Thursday, February 6, 2020

Receiving the Counsel of God

Then the men of Israel took some of their provisions; but they did not ask counsel of the Lord." – Joshua 9:14

Joshua and the Israelites had defeated many of their neighbors as they moved into the Promised Land.  This caused fear to rise among all the nations that remained.  They had heard of the power of God, how the Jordan River was heaped up to stand while they all walked across on dry land.  They had heard how they defeated mighty armies and burned Jericho.

In a scheme to try to befriend them, men from Gibeon disguised themselves as travelers from far away.  They work old torn clothes, carried moldy bread and torn wineskins, and broken sandals to appear as if they’d travelled very far.  They spoke to Joshua and stated they had heard the work of God and how He delivered the Israelites and wanted to make a treaty with them.  They asked to be their servants, trying to find a peace treaty with Israel.  Yet, the Gibeonites were an idolatrous nation, a very large nation, and God had asked them to tear down all idolatry. 

What happens next changed the course of history.  Without seeking God’s wisdom, which knew the scheme these men had created, Joshua made the treaty with them.  Only days later as others in the camp had searched out the lands around them, they discovered these men were liars.  After swearing to them by the Lord God of Israel, there was no turning back on the treaty.  This treaty ended up putting the Israelites at war with the Amorites trying to protect Gibeon.

Friends, our God knows the future as history.  He knows every lie told, every obstacle in our future path.  Nothing in this life is more important that asking God for His will in our day to day decisions.  This is where the men of Israel messed up with Gibeon – “but they did not ask counsel of the Lord”. 

Let us never forget the great wealth of information God has regarding our lives.  He knows our life, our relationships, our health, our wealth, our past, our future, and more.  Let us never fail to ask Him to deliver us from the lies of mankind and the obstacles He already has seen.  When we make our own choices based on what we believe to be true, we risk more than we are aware. Our loving Father is just a prayer away. 

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