Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not to Reason Why


being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” – Philippians 1:6
There’s an old saying that goes “Yours is not to reason why, but to just do or die.”  This is how life is under God’s control.  He rolls the dice, we make the moves.  He steers the car, we sit quietly and ride.  He establishes our steps along the path of life in front of us, and we just walk.  It’s a long process with many turns and stops along the way that are uncertain and sometimes hard.  But it’s worth it.

Today I’m 49 years old.  That’s 49 years of blessings no matter how you look at it.  17,885 mornings that I’ve waken.  That is enough in itself. If God had stopped right there, I would be completely blessed.  But He’s been so very good to me in every way possible that I can’t help but love Him and trust Him.  It’s not about the people, events and things He’s given me to enjoy.  It’s about my relationship with Him.  Each year as I learn more of whom God is I know that my steps are not set by myself.  Nothing in this world is out of His infinite control unless He allows it through our own free will.  And I trust Him to only allow it when it will bring glory to Him.
Paul was talking to the church at Philippi when he spoke of the “good work” that God had begun in them and said that he would complete it “until the day of Jesus Christ”.  It’s important to note that he did not say “till the day of your death.”  He is still completing their “good work” that He started with them today. Their faith in Christ and their love for each other was used to build something bigger than themselves – something that would last.  And the foundation of the body of Christ has been preserved by God for thousands of years now.  Were their daily struggles worth it?  When the congregation of Philippi looks down at those of us who are saved now, I’d bet they think it was.

Things happen to us in this life that we will never know the full use of in God’s kingdom.  Looking back on my life, there were lots of uncertain times when I just cried out “Why God? Why is this happening to me?”  I’ve come to understand that I don’t always need to know why, and that good and bad things happen to us to hone us into the tool that He can later use to help someone else.  He’s beginning and completing a GOOD work. 
Let the sharpening of your life as a tool in His hands happen.  Don’t fight it.  The greater work is in His long term plan, not your temporary discomfort.  Each day is a building block in what He is creating.  We just see blocks.  But He will not stop creating until Jesus comes.  Our job is just to be a building block, and not a stumbling block, and be ready when Jesus comes. 

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