Friday, February 15, 2013

Honest to Goodness YOU

Honest to Goodness YOU




“But when he came to himself, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired servants have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger!” – Luke 15:17

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what my future might hold. I’ve lived for years basing what I did on pleasing other folks – my parents, my friends, my church, my spouse, and even my kids. But God’s been talking to me lately about being honest with myself. When you’re honest with yourself you start asking deep questions like why do I part my hair on the side instead of the middle? Why should I ever wear a dress when they’re so darn uncomfortable? Do I really like coffee, or do I just like the thought of drinking the same thing as everyone else in the morning?

What I’ve discovered in being honest with myself is that a lot of what the world has chosen to be important is no longer important to me. When you really become honest with yourself, you discover who you are, and who you are in Christ. For example, just because a shoe looks good on me doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. I’m more about comfort than looks now because I’ve outgrown the need to look good for everyone else. Likewise, simply because it’s popular to party on New Years Eve doesn’t mean I want to. I enjoy the sleep I so dearly love far more than the countdown of a fancy clock! And while everyone else might like reading the popular novel of the day, I still find my good old Bible to be the most interesting book on the shelves – filled with deep meanings that make my heart flip just at reading it!

The prodigal son came to a point like this where he was honest with himself as well. Luke 15:17 says “But when he came to himself…” He had a moment of reflection on his situation, and it showed him his true identity. He realized the affliction he had given himself. Then he was willing to crawl back to his father and seek forgiveness.

Before you can come to Christ, you have to come to yourself. You can’t be a Christian and carry the cross you’ve been given without understanding why you are willing to bear that cross.

Friends, take some time to ask yourself the deep questions. Is the YOU you’re living really the honest to goodness YOU?  Do you really want to do what you’re doing now for the next 20 years? Is this the life God has designed for you? Come to yourself, and then bow to Him. Life is so much easier when you’re walking the path God has cleared for you rather than trying to clear your own.

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